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TMJ Disorder

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, have difficulty opening or closing your jaw, have facial pain, or have trouble chewing, TMJ treatment could help!

TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) refers to pain and problems in your temporomandibular joint and is sometimes known as TMJ. Pain in the area is usually caused by overbearing stress in the joints around your jaw. This pain may be localized or radiate throughout the mouth.

Root causes of TMD include

• Misaligned bite
• Missing teeth
• Jaw clenching or teeth grinding
• Poor posture 
• Physical damage to your facial structure
• Weakness in your facial muscles 
• Conditions such as arthritis or whiplash
• Oral devices such as night guards or sports guards

Signs and symptoms of TMD include:

• Facial muscle pain 
• Joint pain in your jaw directly in front of your ear 
• Clicking sounds coming from your mouth 
• Chronic headaches including Migraines
• Discomfort and/or fatigue while chewing
• Neck Pain
• Back Pain
• Ringing in your ears (Tinnitus)
• Shocking or electrical type of pain
• Changes in  Vision
• Ear pain
• Multiple sensitive teeth
• Sinus Pain

TMJ Treatments at Towson smile Care

When you come into our Towson, MD dentist office, the first thing we’ll do is evaluate your jaw and mouth, formulating a strategy for treating your condition and managing your TMJ pain.

In addition to suggesting lifestyle changes and strategies for reducing pain, we offer a number of services that can help realign your jaw and treat your TMJ disorder. These include:

• Orthotic appliances 
• Dental restorations 
• Lifestyle changes to alleviate stress
• Medications
• Physical Therapy Recommendations

Our strategy is to err on the side of conservative, comfortable treatments to ensure the best result. 

If you’re suffering from jaw pain and think you may have TMJ disorder, we can help! We’re always accepting new patients and would love to help get your bite back on track. Call us at (410) 296-7599 to find out how we can restore comfort to your mouth and jaw.

Our Philosophy of Care

At Towson Smile Care, we approach dentistry with a focus on providing custom and high-tech care for your entire family. We always put our patients first and are dedicated to meeting your individual needs. We’re proud to offer the most advanced general dentistry services in Towson! 

We’re here to help improve your dental health in a faster, more comfortable way than you ever thought possible. 

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Towson Smile Care has been helping patients restore their teeth, mouths, and jaws since 2009. Our expert team is dedicated to providing permanent, lasting solutions to restore jaw function, reduce pain, and create healthy smiles.

Patients love our welcoming and judgment-free office, experienced staff, and high-tech treatments. If you suffer from dental anxiety, let us know! We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire appointment.

We’re here to give you the best TMJ treatment in Towson. You deserve nothing less!

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Finance & Insurance Information

Towson Smile Care is a preferred provider for most PPO insurance plans, including:

• Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield
• Cigna
• Metlife
• Aetna
• Delta Dental
• United Concordia

No dental insurance? Ask about our payment and financing options!

If you have payment questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to explain treatment costs and financing plans, outline benefit coverage, and file insurance paperwork on your behalf.
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