The Advantages of Choosing a High-Tech Dentist

The Advantages of High-Tech Dentistry
Posted on 08/20/2019

With advancements in dental technology, the dentist office experience has drastically changed over the last 15+ years. Modern dentist offices with advanced technology help improve your experience in the dental chair, protect your health, and deliver amazing results.

Learn the advantages of choosing a high-tech dentist just like Towson Smile Care.

Easy scheduling

Modern technology allows dentists to provide you with an improved experience before you even set foot in a dentist office.

For example, electronic health records allow your dentist to quickly pull up your health history, answer your questions over the phone, and collate information for referrals and insurance claims.

There’s also online scheduling, making it easy for you to quickly book an appointment without having to call.

More efficient appointments

No matter how comfortable or friendly your dentist office is, you’d probably rather not spend  more time in the dental chair than necessary. We all lead busy lives and have things to do! 

Modern dentistry recognizes the need to make dental treatments more efficient and helps keep your time in the chair short and sweet. 
Teeth whitening treatment are a good example. Instead of long, drawn out at-home treatments or multiple in-office treatments, new technology exists to give you dramatically whiter teeth in just a single 1-hour in-office treatment.

Better understanding of your diagnosis

High-tech dentistry not only makes it easier for your dental team to explain your diagnosis, but  for you to understand why they reached the diagnoses and how the issue can be fixed.

In years past, your dentist would tell you a tooth was infected and needed a root canal. You just had to take their word for it. Today, a high-tech dentist can show you a 3D x-ray image of your infected tooth, explain what you’re seeing, and help you understand exactly how a root canal will fix the issue.

Less discomfort 

In the past, getting a filling, root canal, or other treatment had a bad rap for being scary and painful. High-tech dentistry today offers modern pain management options to ensure your complete comfort. Beyond just numbing your mouth, modern dentists also offer various forms of sedation:

  1. Oral sedation — You’ll take this sedative orally and experience a relaxed, dream-like state. You may even fall asleep completely! 

  2. Nitrous oxide — You probably know this as “laughing gas.” Inhaled through a comfortable face mask, this form of sedation gives you a giddy yett relaxed feeling. 

  3. IV sedation — This type of sedation is administered through a vein (usually on your arm) and helps you feel drowsy and puts you in a deep state of relaxation.


Amazing results


When suffering from a broken, missing, or diseased tooth, there are two things most patients are most concerned about...

  1. Restoring their health

  2. Restoring the appearance of their smile

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between the two. High-tech dentistry allows you to achieve both healthier teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Modern dentistry techniques utilize natural-looking restorations to perfectly match the shade of your natural teeth. Whether it’s a filling or crown, you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of your smile to achieve healthy teeth.

Prevention of large issues

Preventive care is the key to maintaining your dental health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums at home and visiting the dentist for your regular dental exams and cleanings are a big part of a preventive approach. 

However, you can also give your teeth the best chance by working with a dentist offering modern equipment and technology to detect issues early on. Technology like 3D imaging allows your dentist to detect issues like tooth decay before they become a larger problem.

Longer-lasting and more durable treatments

Modern dental technology helps create much more durable restoration solutions. Todays fillings, crowns, implants, and other dental treatments are built to withstand the impact of chewing and the wear and tear of day-to-day life.

With proper care, high-tech dental treatments like crowns and implants can last for decades, ensuring your beautiful smile will last a lifetime.

How to find a technology-focused dentist


How do you ensure you choose a dentist offering the highest-quality and high-tech care? The best way to know for sure is to call and ask! You can also do a little sleuthing on their website.

Here are a few specific questions you can ask:

  • Do you offer minimally-invasive treatment options?

  • What sort of high-tech equipment do you use?

  • What type of filling material do you recommend?

  • Do you offer sedation options?

There’s no reason to rely on a dentist who uses antiquated, painful treatments when high-tech, minimally invasive treatment options are available.

Looking for a high-tech dentist near you?

At Towson Smile Care, we believe nothing should stand between you and a healthier smile. We offer our patients the highest quality treatments and advanced technologies to ensure your experience is great and your results even greater.

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